Web Design Grants in Ireland - Claim Up to €50,000 for your business 💰

If you're concerned about the cost of establishing an online presence for your business, don't be afraid. There are grants accessible to assist you in this endeavor. We have extensive experience working with numerous Irish businesses in obtaining website vouchers and creating visually captivating websites that yield excellent return on investment and conversion rates.

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What are Website Grants in Ireland?

Website grants are funding programs provided by government agencies or private organizations to assist businesses in developing or enhancing their websites. These grants can cover various expenses such as web design, web development, web hosting, and more.

Ireland’s digital economy contributes approximately 6% to the country’s GDP, implying that consumers spend roughly €850,000 per hour in Ireland. As Europe’s seventh-largest economy, Ireland excels in e-commerce integration, with Irish SMEs utilizing e-commerce effectively. However, the statistics reveal that only 69% of firms in Ireland possess a website, and a mere 32% have an e-commerce website.

Consequently, numerous SMEs are missing out on the business opportunities offered by the Internet, as 70% of online consumer spending occurs outside of Ireland. 

How do Irish Website Grants Work?

Website development grants are a form of financial assistance offered by government agencies or private organizations to support businesses in creating or enhancing their websites. These grants encompass various expenses, including web design, web development, web hosting, and more.

To seek a website development grant, businesses usually have to complete an application that outlines details about their company, the proposed website project, and the budget involved. The grant provider then reviews the application to assess the business’s eligibility for funding.

If deemed eligible, the grant provider disburses the funds to the business, allowing them to cover the expenses associated with website development.

Business Website Grants Available in Ireland!

If you are a business owner in Ireland, there are several website development grants available to support you in enhancing your online presence. 

Trading Online Voucher by the Local Enterprise Office LEO

The TOV is specifically designed for small companies with fewer than ten employees and an annual turnover of less than €2 million. To be eligible, your business must have been in operation for at least 12 months.

The TOV aims to encourage businesses to expand their internet trading activities. Under this scheme, the LEO provides matched funding, with a maximum payout of €2,500 or 50% of the eligible cost (excluding VAT) that qualifies for government assistance.

To qualify for the online Trading Voucher scheme, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Have fewer than ten employees.

  • Have been trading for at least 12 months.

  • Be registered and based in Ireland.

By taking advantage of the Trading Online Voucher, you can receive financial support to improve your online trading presence and grow your business in the digital realm.

What can LEO Trading Online Voucher be Used For?

The Trading Online Voucher (TOV) can be utilized to cover a range of services, including:

  • IT consultation

  • Development or upgrade of an e-commerce website

  • Implementation of online payment or booking systems

  • Purchase of Internet-related software

  • Investment in online advertising (limited to 30% of approved voucher costs and provided in a single payment phase)

  • Development of apps or multiplatform webpages

  • Implementation of a digital marketing strategy

  • Training and skills development specific to establishing and managing online trading activities

  • Online advertising

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Digital training sessions

The TOV program has already assisted over 2,000 businesses, and you shouldn’t miss out. Local Enterprise Offices are available to provide guidance and support throughout the application process. Participating businesses have reported an average sales growth of 20%, with an 80% increase in sales leads, and one-third of them have started exporting for the first time.

For many small enterprises, the question is no longer whether to trade online but rather how to get started. Thanks to the Trading Online Voucher Scheme, over 2,000 businesses have found the answers and the necessary support to take that crucial step forward.

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance Grant!

If you are in the process of establishing a new business as a self-employed individual and receiving social security payments, chances are you have participated in the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA) program. Under this program, you may be eligible for financial assistance to cover startup costs as well as weekly income support. The Enterprise Support Grant scheme offers these aids to support your entrepreneurial journey.

The Enterprise Support Grant provides a maximum grant amount of €2,500. This grant can be utilized, up to €500, for various purposes such as website registration, related services, and production. It serves as a valuable resource to help you cover essential expenses associated with establishing your online presence and ensuring a smooth start to your new business venture.

Social Welfare TAT Grant!

The Technical Assistance and Training (TAT) fund is designed to provide support to individuals seeking the Short-Term Back to Work Enterprise Allowance. Its purpose is to assist in funding specific expenses associated with starting a business. However, access to the TAT fund is contingent upon approval from your local social welfare office, and you will need to provide comprehensive details about your business. In some cases, the service provider may receive direct funding from the TAT fund.

To explore additional avenues of assistance and financing, it is advisable to consult with your local jobs facilitator or enterprise manager. They can guide you in identifying further sources of support that can contribute to the growth and development of your business.

Website Grants in Ireland Advice!

Small businesses in Ireland have access to a wide range of website development grants that can propel their growth to new heights. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and engage with your local enterprise office to explore the available options. With the right assistance, you can develop a dynamic website that will significantly contribute to the expansion of your business.

In Ireland, website development grants are offered through various avenues, including the Local Enterprise Office, the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, and the Social Welfare Technical Assistance and Training fund. These grants provide valuable resources and support to small businesses, enabling them to enhance their online presence and seize new opportunities for success. By leveraging these grants, you can unlock the potential of your business and elevate it to the next level.